The Expectation Economy: Meet your 2016 customer

When: December 1st and 8th 15:00-15:45 GMT

Welcome to the Expectation Economy, where 73-year-old women watch Breaking Bad, 19-year-old guys watch Dance Moms and nobody plays by the rules. Competition is no longer constrained by industry and the game is changing all the time. You need to move fast.

The fundamental goal hasn't changed: understand your customer. It's just gotten harder.

Qubit and PRWD have teamed up to host a webinar series about how to engage you 2016 customer.

You'll learn how to:

Why: In 2016 it's getting even harder to get to know your customer. On top of that, competition is coming from everywhere with disruptive brands like Amazon and Uber raising expectations across the board. This webinar series will explain the consumer psychology and data best practice to understand and engage your inexplicable, impatient, innovative customer of 2016.

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