IMRG Data Webinar - Black Friday 2019 – IMRG’s Final Thoughts

This webinar represented the final time we were presenting on Black Friday content until much later in the year and included new content and fresh insights

Black Friday, over the past six or seven years, has really exploded into the public consciousness. It experienced several years of volume growth that was, at times, so strong that fulfilment operations and websites struggled to deal with the strain. It took a lot of planning, effort and investment to adapt to the retail super-event.

But then, in 2018, growth was underwhelming, well below forecast, and it seemed that perhaps shopper responsiveness to the discounting event was waning. There has always been a lot of negative news and attitudes toward it, but that didn’t stop people from shopping in their droves anyway.

In 2019, that responsiveness bounced back somewhat, with very strong sales growth during the Black Friday period capping what had been until then a poor year for online sales. Overall performance to one side though, with events of this scale, there are always some interesting trends emerging and this year was no exception.

Join IMRG and Magento as we focused on some of the interesting developments from the Black Friday period 2019, and what they meant for future trading.

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