IMRG Data Webinar - Optimising your strategy for the Irish market

Ireland is one of the countries that receives the highest volumes of cross-border parcels from UK retailers – ranking alongside much larger ecommerce markets such as the US, France and Germany. That can be partly explained by proximity to the UK, partly by the shared language and partly by the close trading ties between the two countries.

Culturally, there are also many other shared attributes between Ireland and the UK, but that doesn’t mean everything works in the same way. One area where this is particularly apparent is in shopping habits and preferences; while localising UK sites for Irish shoppers doesn’t require language translation, expectations over various stages of the experience can vary, making it easy to make mistakes that disappoint customers there.

To understand how to optimise your strategy for the Irish market, join IMRG and An Post Commerce as we compared expectations around fulfilment of orders and identified what you need to consider when looking to grow order volumes for Irish shoppers.

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