IMRG Data Webinar - What do shoppers want from online delivery in 2020?

Delivery is more than just the handing over of a purchased item – from the perspective of the customer, it represents a huge and, in many ways, determining part of their overall experience. From the retailer’s perspective, getting it right can be the difference between a conversion-boosting loyalty-builder or a lost customer.

So, what do customers want from your delivery offering today? How should you decide which options to provide and how should they be structured?

Join IMRG and GFS as we reveal some of the key findings from IMRG's annual consumer home delivery review – now in its 11th year, providing a full trend line across a long period tracking shifting shopper attitudes toward delivery.

We look at:

  • Why customers abandon at the checkout because of delivery concerns
  • What customers are willing to pay for – and how much
  • Expectations around in-transit information
  • Preferences for the various delivery options
  • Customer perception around environmental issues associated with online retail
  • The increasing importance of returns

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