IMRG Data Webinar - What impact will Coronavirus have on delivery?

Official government advice is that online retailers can continue to trade; while many staff can work from home, warehouses and drivers are still required to go in to fulfil the orders.

The demand for some product categories is extremely high currently and, with high streets all closed, most retail has to be conducted online. Delivery operations then are having to manage a potentially prolonged peak period with, often and most likely increasingly, a skeleton crew.

How are delivery operations going to cope under this strain, and what changes will have to be made? Join us for this webinar as we look at what might happen, how delivery propositions may need to adapt and the ramifications for keeping online trading going.

During this webinar, we looked at:

  • How the customer handover / doorstep experience will be managed
  • Whether click and collect services can be maintained
  • Whether fast / next day delivery will have to be suspended
  • Whether returns still be managed

We also attempted to answer any questions and concerns retailers may have related to fulfilment.

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